Concerned citizens demand action from Transport Minister

Within 48 hours, over 250 people sent out letters demanding action to address traffic, road safety and pollution. People are being encouraged to send letters to the Transport Minister to demand action on the dismal situation in Malta’s transportation infrastructure. With their letters, people are emphasising how important it is to support active and public modes of transport. The streets belong to the people, and everyone should feel safe to use active modes of travel, which are environmentally friendly and better for our wellbeing. This follows a street action during peak afternoon traffic during which activists from Friends of the Earth Malta, Moviment Graffitti and Rota gathered at Msida Creek with bicycles, placards and flyers. The aim was to address the island-wide issues experienced as a result of extreme car dependence. Activists were highlighting that people should be more important than cars, using the hashtag #PeopleOverPetrol. Within 48 hours after the direct action, over 250 letters were sent to Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia by Maltese residents, to highlight a lack of government action to promote sustainable transport. To bring positive change, the following is demanded: 1) Better bus service and more regular and reliable bus routes 2) Support for active modes of travel 3) Safer roads, including investment in safe walking and cycling infrastructure With the global climate talks at COP27 starting next week, where countries come together to work towards mitigating the full impacts of climate change, the time to act is now. We must join together to bring about a move towards a healthier, safer and eco-friendly Malta. It is time we prioritise people over petrol and empower citizens to make greener transport choices. This expression of discontent targeting the Transport Minister is not an isolated event. The youth and activists from the NGOs who organised the action invite everyone to join their call and send the open letter to the Transport Minister, to demand action. In their words: “If you are fed up with being stuck in traffic, breathing polluted air, and feeling unsafe on the roads, take action today!”

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