Empowering Youth Workers to Foster Resilient Communities

Empowering Youth Workers to Foster Resilient Communities

Local NGOs launch Online Training Course on Social Permaculture

Three local organizations, Friends of the Earth Malta, PRISMS MALTA, and Generation (change?) announce the launch of an Online Training Course on Social Permaculture tailored for youth workers and educators across Europe. This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge essential for supporting vulnerable populations, nurturing community resilience, and advocating sustainable living practices. By integrating permaculture principles, the course provides a holistic approach to fostering stronger, more inclusive communities.

Structured into three key modules—Social Permaculture and Resilient Communities, Nature Ecosystems and Permaculture Design, and Life-Skill Development through Permaculture Learning—the course ensures participants gain vital expertise for community building and resilience enhancement. Available in multiple languages, it’s accessible anytime on the NASPLY E-Learning platform, offering valuable resources to promote well-being and social inclusion.

This initiative is part of the NASPLY project – Nature and Social Permaculture Learning for Youth, aimed at addressing environmental and climate crises while promoting social inclusion and enhancing life skills among marginalized youth. By intertwining environmental awareness with social inclusion, digital literacy, financial planning, green entrepreneurship, and a commitment to solidarity and care, NASPLY presents a holistic solution to multiple challenges within one cohesive project. 

“Social permaculture offers a holistic framework for sustainability, emphasizing collaboration with nature and the creation of resilient communities,” says Anne Marie, Project Coordinator at Friends of the Earth Malta. “Our course aims to bridge the knowledge gap, empowering professionals and vulnerable adults alike to utilize permaculture principles for enhancing well-being and social resilience.”

This course aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of youth workers in regenerative social permaculture, nature permaculture, and utilizing permaculture gardens for youth life-skill development. We provide youth workers with essential tools, resources, and pedagogical strategies through a comprehensive toolkit to facilitate the creation of permaculture gardens with disadvantaged youth. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for youth workers to further their professional development through Youth pass certification.

In today’s interconnected world, inclusive community support is paramount. By empowering youth workers and educators with practical skills and knowledge, we enable them to make a meaningful difference in the lives of vulnerable populations. This initiative isn’t merely about sharing information; it’s about nurturing a mindset of compassion, resilience, and sustainability. By fostering stronger, more supportive communities, we lay the groundwork for a more equitable and thriving society.

This is being implemented as part of Nature and Social Permaculture Learning for Youth’s (NASPLY) general objective is to tackle the environmental and climate crisis, increase social inclusion, increase life-skills of marginalised youth and improve wellbeing through the holistic permaculture approach that focuses on building resilience in communities, answering to the needs of young people. We aim to use Social and Nature Permaculture as a theory for learning.

Learn more about the project here https://nasplyproject.eu/

This partnership is led by Friends of the Earth Malta and brings together APS La Fenice, Asociación cultural y medioambiental Permacultura Cantabria, Generation (Change?), Jugend & Kulturprojekt EV., Prisms Malta, and Research and education of social empowerment and transformation (RESET).


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