YOUTHECO Launches Innovative Work Shadowing Placements

YOUTHECO Launches Innovative Work Shadowing Placements

YOUTHECO, an Erasmus+ project with which Friends of the Earth Malta is in partnership, is dedicated to bolstering the employability of marginalized youth while addressing pressing environmental concerns and announces the launch of its groundbreaking Work Shadowing Methodology Placements.

YOUTHECO’s innovative approach is designed to support NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and young women in re-skilling and upskilling for the green economy. The project aims to integrate these groups into the labour market by providing a comprehensive toolbox of non-formal learning resources focused on key green sector areas, including Forest-based care, Waste Reduction, Social agriculture, Energy supply, Urban green care, Eco-tourism, and Green Entrepreneurship.

Central to the initiative is the implementation of work shadowing placements. In May, through partnerships with green sector organisations and companies across Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Malta, Poland, and Slovenia. YOUTHECO has facilitated 2-week work shadowing placements for NEETs and young women. These placements offered valuable opportunities to develop sought-after skills such as task management, interpersonal skills, and workplace learning within the green sector. The project aimed to register 30 green sector organisations/companies and match them with 30 NEETs and young women in total for work shadowing placements, fostering valuable connections and field experience. Furthermore, our YOUTHECO Ambassadors, provided reinforced mentorship and support for participants along their journey.

Commenting on this initiative, Sofia, a young woman who participated in the shadow placements said:

“By providing access to real-world experience in the green sector, we are not only enhancing employability but also naturing a generation of environmentally conscious changemakers.


YOUTHECO is a 2-year Erasmus+ project dedicated to empowering marginalised youth and promoting environmental sustainability through innovative programs and partnerships across Europe.

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