FoE objects to idea and choice of ‘temporary’ sites

FoE objects to idea and choice of ‘temporary’ sites

FoE Malta would like to meet the minister responsible for resources to discuss the idea that Malta needs two landfill sites before using the one planned in its waste management strategy.

When discussions were being held in preparation for Malta’s waste management strategy, FoE (Malta) had shown that the estimates of waste arisings were exaggerated, and had pointed out that a landfill the size of the one proposed at Ghallis was not necessary.

Waste management personnel accepted FoE Malta’s points and it was agreed that besides Ghallis and Benghajsa, other possible landfill sites would be considered. Now that Ghallis has been chosen FoE Malta calls on the ministry responsible for resources to make public the studies that led to the choice of Ghallis as the preferred site.

Moreover, FoE Malta strongly objects to the decision to have ‘temporary’ sites, which can be avoided if enough effort is made to start work on the site for a more permanent landfill. The choice of the so-called temporary sites is also to be questioned given that not even preliminary studies were conducted on the potential sites. In the Project Description Statement prepared for the temporary landfills there is not even a simple weighing up of the alternative sites. The impact on the temples and tourism in the area is only mentioned, but not considered. Quarries in use have been written out of the equation even though they may be the best possible sites.

FoE Malta calls for the ministry to explain its choices of landfill sites by making public all the studies that have been conducted on landfill sites to date.

It is evident that the authorities’ ineffective handling of Malta’s waste separation at source plans has led the ministry to panic and the decisions to have two more landfill sites is a reflection of such panic.

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