ECOLOGICA – biodiversity monitoring programme

ECOLOGICA – biodiversity monitoring programme

Friends of the Earth Malta is looking to fully sponsor 15 Maltese youths, aged 18-30 years old, to join up with 15 Belgian youths, and participate in a 7-day and 7-night residential programme, ECOLOGICA, here in Malta.

ECOLOGICA is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange programme organised by Friends of the Earth Malta and BINCO, Belgium. The programme is designed to provide hands-on fieldwork experience to persons working and studying in the field of biology. However, the programme is open to anyone with a passion for biodiversity and willingness to learn field research techniques.

Participants will carry out field surveys, practice different methodologies and collect data on different taxa groups. This is a youth project and participants will be able to shape how this project moves forward. All the data you will collect in the field will contribute towards updating of the national red list.

Other informal workshops include:

• Proposal writing and grant application workshop
• Paper publishing and poster presentation sessions
• Species Identification
• Informal talks and networking sessions with local/international scientists, and species specialists.
• Statistical analysis sessions using preliminary data.

ECOLOGICA is the first step towards contributing towards setting up a clear and scientifically robust biodiversity-monitoring network. More and more surveys will be carried out which participants will take a leading role in establishing. Join this programme and actively contribute towards the conservation of the unique and diverse biodiversity of the Maltese Islands.

Programme details:
Location: MALTA
Programme duration: 21st – 27th September 2016 (residential)
Cost: Board and Accommodation and meals during the programme, fully sponsored.
Facebook page: Ecologica – Malta Biodiversity Survey Project

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