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  • Act like your house is on fire! Climate change is here, now! The climate crisis is now universally recognised as the biggest threat that our planet faces, with overarching impacts on ecosystems, biodiversity, and human societies. The Maltese government issued a Climate Emergency in 2019, but since then it’s been business as usual. We need bold and ambitious climate policy to reduce our carbon emissions and ensure we live within the planetary boundaries. Malta may be small, but was actually the country that first tabled the issue of climate change at the United Nations in 1988. Let’s live up to that legacy and ensure a future for our country and planet, our only home.
  • No new infrastructure for fossil fuels! We need to move away from fossil fuels – oil, coal and gas – as soon as possible. New fossil fuel infrastructure is incompatible with global, EU, and national carbon emission reduction targets. The proposed Melita gas pipeline would lock Malta into a fossil fuel future. We need to ensure that any public investment is compatible with climate targets, and avoid funding any new fossil fuel infrastructure at all costs.
  • Invest in the energy of the future! Public money should instead be invested in renewables (like solar and wind), energy savings and community energy. Energy saving, in buildings, operations and transport, is the cheapest and fastest way to reduce energy use and save money. We need to urgently increase our share of renewable energy – currently only 10% – to ensure we can cover our essential electricity needs on the short-term and become fully renewable powered in the future! We need to create a legal framework for renewable energy communities to enable citizens to supply, share and save energy and have a say about our energy system.
  • Envision a fossil free future for Malta! Our country should prepare for a climate proof future and move away from fossil fuels as fast as possible. We need to ensure there is a plan for a gas phase-out by 2035 latest. In the short term, we need a new National Energy Policy, outlining the pathway to zero emissions and clean renewable energy for the Maltese Islands. 

Read the demands in Maltese here / Aqra bil-Malti hawnhekk. 

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A gas pipeline to Malta?

We need to move away from fossil fuels as soon as possible. New fossil fuel infrastructure is incompatible with global, EU, and national carbon emission reduction targets. This includes the proposed Melita gas pipeline, which would lock Malta into a fossil fuel future! We should invest in the energy of the future, not of the past!

Watch the video below to learn more about the proposed Melita gas pipeline, and why we should push for investment in renewables, energy savings and community energy instead.

Climate report: Towards a fossil free Malta

Over 10 years ago, Friends of the Earth (FoE) Malta was actively campaigning for a Climate Bill in Malta, as part of the campaign ‘The Big Ask’. In this European campaign, FoE groups in 16 Member States were calling on their governments to create climate change laws. In Malta, this goal was achieved via the adoption of the Climate Action Act, in 2015! The Act transposes the legally binding commitments that Malta has as an EU Member State under the 2015 Paris Agreement. Sadly, since that successful win, we have not seen the ambitious climate policy that we were hoping for.

As part of our climate campaign, we have been working on a report compiling information about Malta’s energy system and its climate impacts, the proposed Melita TransGas pipeline, and a vision for a future without fossil fuels. The report was compiled and written by Dr Suzanne Maas (Climate Campaign Coordinator at FoE Malta) alongside contributors Prof. Edward Mallia, Prof. Luciano Mule’Stagno, Dr John Paul Cauchi and Dr Michael Borg.

Download the full report and learn more about energy in Malta below!

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