System:Reset – the finale

System:Reset – the finale

From Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th October, FoE Malta hosted the final Project Partner meeting to evaluate and close a two-year long project – System:Reset.

Partners from Austria, Estonia, Cyprus, Croatia, Macedonia, and of course Malta, all met at Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park while Ireland, Denmark, and Spain joined in via an online call in this three-day hybrid event.

If Covid lockdowns have taught us one thing, it is how to be experts with Zoom.

The aim of System:Reset was to introduce young people from across Europe, and from under-represented communities, to decision making processes to build strong, collective visions that are both socially just and ecologically sound. This will not only increase awareness of our current social and environmental issues, but it is hoped that this will encourage the EU and national policy makers to act on the demands and solutions proposed by these young people. 

In light of this and with regard to the start of COP26, System Reset has also put forward a youth position paper on the European Green Deal, stating what a just climate policy should look like. 

Mornings and evenings were spent creating a video to communicate the nine pillars identified in the youth position paper that will push for a more just and inclusive Green Deal. 

And, of course, despite the stormy weather, there were spare moments for tentative fires between showers, a culture night filled with delicious foods, sea swimming and introduction to Dorsetshire slang – the ‘lippy’ weather certainly didn’t put our spirits down! 

Follow this link if you want to find out more about what has been going on with System:Reset for the past two years!

Written by Isabel Cadec.

Photo by Josef Boraei