Social Permaculture course has come to an end

Social Permaculture course has come to an end

In May we hosted the last session of the Social PEAS project in the Friends of the Earth Malta Green Resource Centre

We had our last session of the Social Permaculture course to reflect on the lessons learned and challenges we met. We also discussed future plans for collaboration with Mina Jack, who joined as a graphic recorder to draw the feedback process. The session ended with sharing a peas dip and enjoying Mina Jack’s drawings.

Participants from Aġenzija Sapport and Sedqa Malta have been working to design and create a permaculture space in their working centers, which helps to build a healthy environment for service users and staff. The permaculture spaces are now used with service users to foster integration and create an excellent area to learn and enjoy a piece of nature.

What is the Social Peas project about? Last year, we were hosting permaculture training for professionals who work with vulnerable adults. In their professional life, they help people suffering from mental health issues, people with physical and intellectual disabilities, and former drug or alcohol users. Our participants already started growing some plants from seeds and seedlings in their working centers. These spaces will be used with service users as a tool for social inclusion and integration within the community.

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