Save that oil

Save that oil

Friends of the Earth (Malta) urges all catering establishments that normally throw away used vegetable oil to get in touch with Edible Oil Refining Co Ltd so that used oil can be collected for the production of biodiesel.

Legal Notice 8/93 (sewer discharge regulations) stipulates that all catering establishments should install a grease trap in order to prevent the blocking of sewers with grease and fat. At present most of the collected grease ends up at Maghtab and what is not collected ends up in the sea.

Edible oil is offering a service whereby oil is collected to make biodeisel. Biodiesel has several environmental advantages over mineral diesel and is less dangerous to health, while collecting and re-using spent oil will reduce our waste problems.

Motor Vehicles that run on diesel can switch to biodiesel obtainable only from Edible Oil at the moment, but soon to be available from other stations.

All catering establishments interested in having their oil collected should phone the sales department at Edible Oil on 21 232111.

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