Green Solar Roof — Expression of Interest

The application deadline is now over, however we are still receiving applications which are now being placed on our waiting list.

FoEM is providing the opportunity for residents to opt into having a FREE installation of a rooftop garden in combination with solar panels on the roof.

How will it be funded?

FoEM in partnership with other public and private entities is applying for EU funds under LIFE funding. One of the main actions is to develop a national standard for rooftop gardens with photovoltaics (we call these Green Solar Roofs) and to implement the standard by creating 4500 sqm m of the Green Solar Roofs in various localities. 

Who is Eligible?

Private and public entities are eligible to opt-in. Homeowners can benefit from this installation. This will mean that a rooftop garden and photovoltaics will be installed on the roof of such residencies without having to provide any payments.

What do I gain?

Some of the potential benefits are listed below:

  • Insulation for your home which will reduce the need to heat or cool your home
  • Noise reduction due to insulation
  • Beautiful garden with local flora to be enjoyed which has been proven to be beneficial for wellbeing
  • Generation of renewable energy

How will it work?

We are currently collection letters of expression of interest. This is in NOT a contractual agreement, this is simply a form to indicate that you are interested in being part of the project and benefiting from the Green Rooftop Garden. Once the project will be awarded, those who have filled in the expression of interest form will be contacted to continue discussions, verify interest and only then will a contract be drafted.

Through the project, the Green Solar Roof will be installed and also maintained. Periodic maintenance of the installation will also continue after the 5 year project period has ended. The infrastructure of the Green Solar Roof will remain in the ownership of the NGO to able to fund the continuous maintenance of the Green Solar Roofs. The residents will be able to benefit from a reduction of their electricity bill through renewable energy generated following a specific period of time that will be calculated (which could be approximated from 8 – 12 years) and will be discussed with interested beneficiaries prior to any agreements.

Expression of Interest Form – Waiting list

If you are interested in being considered for the installation of Green Solar Roofs, please fill in the expression of interest form below. As mentioned, the form below is non-binding and a person would be entitled to not participate in the project if they decide otherwise.

Deadline for submissions is 20th September 2020.

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