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2022 was a busy year for us at Friends of the Earth Malta, and with your support we have had a very productive year, which has seen our team  expanding rapidly, with 9 new staff members joining the organisation. Through our projects we have established various initiatives, including the Ucuh tar-raba exhibition which featured the images and stories of 10 Maltese farmers, captured by Darrin Zammit Lupi, and we organised a Climate Action Camp where a group of enthusiastic youth participants learnt about the links between climate change and migration. We raised over 10,000 euros during the Earth Garden Festival and other activities which will help kick start the restoration of the bakery in Comino.

The Green Resource Centre has been very busy this year, we restarted our community garden, established a weekly environmental youth hub and several other activities. And, we celebrated some great successes including the major win at Mzieb & Ahrax in collaboration 4 other NGOs and as FoEM we brought the energy supply debate into the national arena, specifically in relation to the climate impacts of our energy sources and finally we collected over 1,000 signatures for the European-wide #ClimateOfChange campaign.

Friends of the Earth Malta engaged the community with everyday small-scale actions which ultimately help to support the local environment, to raise awareness about the global environmental and provide an opportunity for people to make real change in their local community. In doing so, we hope that a greater engagement with widespread local actions can produce global effects.

During 2022 we organised many activities and events as part of our campaigns targeting issues related to Climate Justice, environmental protection, food related issues, bees and environmental justice. Considerable effort was placed in strengthening the FoE Malta’s ability to influence the policy decision-making process at national level and establishing resources necessary for tasks planned for 2023.

Here are some of the highlight activities of the year:

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