2019 – A year in review

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2019 was a busy year for us at Friends of the Earth Malta, yet it will also be remembered for being the year when it became even clearer that there can be no environmental justice without fair and democratic institutions. The value systems brought about by politicians and their “as long as the economy is growing anything goes” mantra have now led to some of the biggest environmental and social injustices suffered by the country. We believe that change will come from within communities, not from the present, failed system.

Friends of the Earth Malta engaged the community with everyday small-scale actions which ultimately help to support the local environment, to raise awareness about the global environmental and provide an opportunity for people to make real change in their local community. In doing so, we hope that a greater engagement with widespread local actions can produce global effects.

During 2019 we organised many activities and events as part of our campaigns targeting issues related to sustainable development, environmental protection, food related issues, bees and environmental justice. Considerable effort was placed in strengthening the FoE Malta’s ability to influence the policy decision-making process at national level and establishing resources necessary for tasks planned for 2020.

Here are some of the highlight activities of the year:







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