Go out and vote in the MEP election!

Go out and vote in the MEP election!

Will Europe take adequate climate action in the next 5 years? Will the controversial TTIP trade talks between the EU and US be resurrected? Will refugees and migrants be welcomed humanely? Or will the alarming erosion of democracy and rule of law already happening in some countries spread? Critical questions like these will be answered by the European elections in May.

The MEP election is coming up soon on the 25 of May and you need to exercise your democratic rights and go vote. The policies handled in the European parliament will determine our future and quality of life so it is important to participate so that it acts in your interests.

We want to use these elections to send a loud message. We believe in open, tolerant, compassionate communities and in European solidarity and cooperation. We also want to say clearly that Europe needs a radical change of direction. Equality, care for our environment, and social justice should be at the heart of how we live – not profits or the interests of big business.

Climate change is one of the major issues of our time. Do some research and check which politicians are determined to fight it together with social issues to promote sustainability, equality and a better future for all, thus taking an intersectional approach to climate change. There is no climate justice without gender, racial or economic justice.

Some MEPs locally are taking a stand on the following:

  • Fighting climate change by divesting from fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable energy.
  • More transparency in lobbying, fighting money laundering, and tax evasion.
  • Defending the rights of asylum seekers and providing safe passage.
  • Fight for food sovereignty and against industrialized farming.

Those are the ones we must be voting for!

This article was written by FoEM Activist Samuel Muscat