Flower of the month – March : Azure Stonecrop

Flower of the month – March : Azure Stonecrop
Azure Stonecrop in bloom

The stars at night turn our gaze upwards – but at this time of year while walking in the countryside we can enjoy some floral ‘stargazing’ during the day by looking down at the rocky ground.

At the moment this annual plant forms attractive carpets of small scarlet succulent leaves over rocky expanses or dried up rockpools and it blooms with strikingly beautiful star-like flowers with a bluish-violet tinge. A sight not to miss, even better:  take a magnifying lens along!

There are six species of Sedum growing in the wild in Malta – all very well equipped for life in the dry, exposed areas. This species is short lived so enjoy it while it lasts!

Azure Stonecrop (MT: Beżżul il-Baqra) Sedum caeruleum

Note: We recently increased our Melitensia collection in the our Green Library and we are grateful to Alex Casha for donating a copy of his beautifully detailed and extensive book “Flora of the Maltese Islands” –  anyone is welcome to make use of this and other books by visiting our Green Library.

Photos and text by Annalise Falzon