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Agro Katina

The Agro Katina research project is investigating the local vegetable and fruit supply chain and the agricultural sector in Malta. This research is being conducted in the context of the Supply Cha!nge project, which strives to find solutions to the growing challenge of reducing environmental impacts and improving working conditions along the supply chain of supermarkets. The project was co-financed by the EU and the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs, and Civil Liberties.

From Apricots to Zucchini: the Agro Katina Report

The Agro Katina Report is the product of Friends of the Earth Malta’s research into the local vegetable and fruit supply chain and the agricultural sector in Malta. Friends of the Earth Malta strongly believes in shorter supply chains, as these have a positive impact on local farmers, strengthen local economies and small business, and bring the public closer to their food sources.

We hope that the report can contribute to a deeper appreciation of local produce and agriculture, and a stronger integration of agricultural policies with interlinked topics, such as water, biodiversity, natural habitats, health and better quality of life.

The Agro Katina pocket guide

The Agro Katina pocket guide is a handy, colourful shopping guide that fits in your pocket or purse, containing information about when local fruits & vegetables are in season in Malta. On the back you can find all the information in a poster format, so you can hang it up in your kitchen or office.

Why local?

Locally grown fruit and vegetables are picked fresh and in season, which is when they have the best flavour and nutritional value. Local foods do not have to be transported far and therefore have a small carbon footprint. By buying locally, you support local farmers, the local economy and the preservation of the local agricultural landscape and local varieties of fruit and vegetables.

Why seasonal?

Seasonal produce is full of flavour and often tastes better than imported products, which are picked before they are ripe and need to be preserved during their travel. Local seasonal products have a short time between harvest and consumption, and therefore it is less likely that the nutrient value has decreased.

Why organic?

Organic fruit & vegetables are grown largely without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and are strictly not genetically modified (GMO). Organic farming practices respect the environment and are aimed at supporting and preserving soil fertility, biodiversity and natural resources. In Malta, organic farmers are certified and controlled by the MCCAA (Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority). A full list of certified organic producers and retailers can be found on their website. Certified organic products can be recognized from the EU organic label.

Where to buy organic?

You can buy organic, local produce from the following producers and retailers:

For an updated list of certified organic producers and retailers, visit the MCCAA website:

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