Climate Campaigner speaks in parliament on Renewable Energy in Malta

Friends of the Earth Malta’s Climate Campaign Coordinator, Dr Suzanne Maas, was invited to speak on behalf of the organisation at the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES) workshop on renewable energy and energy efficiency held at the Maltese Parliament. The workshop, held on 22nd September 2022, was organised in cooperation with Deputy Speaker and Member of Parliament Mr. David Agius and the Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise.

Suzanne spoke about the need to divest from fossil fuels immediately, and stop investment in the proposed Melita gas pipeline. She also argued for the reduction in energy use through energy savings in the built environment and through modal shift in transport. Suzanne stressed the need to create a legal framework for the promotion of community energy.

She finalised by saying that 2050 is too far away. She called for a more ambitious climate policy which addresses our short term needs, and added that all policy decisions should be in line with the government’s Climate Action Act and the declared Climate Emergency.

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