CAP update on our website

CAP update on our website

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU was initially introduced to increase agricultural production in order to stabilise agricultural markets and farmers’ incomes. In last month’s newsletter we shared a more detailed article about the latest reform of the CAP, as well as its meaning for Malta’s farmers. Follow this link to read the article and get a deeper insight into the history and current development of the policy:

Throughout the years, the CAP has undergone several reforms and expanded its areas of activities in order to respond to newly arising challenges and issues. The new CAP reform covers the period from 2023 until 2027.  

This reform is crucial to fight for climate justice and make this world greener and fairer! It’s also meant to be more flexible, meaning that each EU member state will develop its own CAP strategic plan in order to address its own particular needs and capabilities.

The nine key objectives of the new CAP are:

  • to ensure a fair income to farmers;
  • to increase competitiveness;
  • to rebalance the power in the food chain;
  • climate change action;
  • environmental care;
  • to preserve landscapes and biodiversity;
  • to support generational renewal;
  • vibrant rural areas;
  • to protect food and health quality.

Friends of the Earth Malta aims to accompany the new reform and provide information about the new CAP for you! We take creating dialogue spaces seriously, to help understand the new CAP while supporting you to possibly shape the national implementation of this policy.

Therefore, we added a new section to our website, which solely focuses on the new CAP, its content, impact, potential and connection to the Green European Deal. This site will be constantly updated in order to keep you in the current picture! Check it out and stay tuned for new additions: