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Friends of the Earth Malta has captained several waste related campaigns, as far back as 1993. Waste, together with land use and tourism, has been a major campaign for Friends of the Earth Malta throughout the years. Our waste related campaigns included:

In the early 90s Friends of the Earth Malta ran a campaign to promote alternatives to plastic shopping bags. FoE Malta distributed information leaflets and free calico shopping bags in 3 major supermarkets. FoE Malta also supported one supermarket which introduced a plastic reusable and collapsable shopping box that could be used as opposed to about 9 plastic shopping bags.




We are working, through lobbying and the raising of public awareness, to: help establish waste management policies that promote sustainability; stop incineration; and promote resource reduction and waste reduction, separation, recycling and composting.

In the mid-nineties Friends of the Earth Malta joined a project within our network which aimed to campaign for the increase of recycling targets within the EU waste directive. We lobbied at the EU institutions in Brussels and each participating country presented data on the amount of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated, plus any other recycling data,and at the time Malta had no data so a representative had to actually weigh out their family's waste for some time to get a rough estimate!

In the late 90s Friends of the Earth Malta ran a campaign to promote home composting in order to reduce MSW. This was a project of our Mediterranean Network (MedNet) and we worked with L-Iklin and Pembroke Local Councils by organising educational talks accompanied by a poster exhibition and leaflets. In addition we imported compost bins and sold about 100 of them.

Between 2000 and 2001 Friends of the Earth Malta ran a campaign to ensure that sound waste management principles would be included in Malta's first ever Waste Management Strategy.

In more recent years, Friends of the Earth Malta ran a campaign to retain the refillable soft drinks bottles in view of EU entry which meant that Malta would have to drop the Legal Notice for glass bottles. Most of this campaign focused on lobbying with the stakeholders and policy makers as well as EU institutions.

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