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The Maltese Islands (area 314 sq. km) are populated by 400,000 residents and are visited by about 1 million tourists annually. On the island of Malta some 21% of the land area is built up. Overdevelopment is Malta's most pressing environmental problem and has been the cause of a great loss of biodiversity and natural landscapes including much agricultural land.

Malta already has sufficient land given up for development to meet our current and future needs, whilst more than 40,000 dwellings are unoccupied. Furthermore, given current rates of construction Malta has less than 50 years of building stone left.

FoE points out that all this needless development is destroying our tourism potential and affecting public health.
FoE believes that this is a case of gross environmental injustice against today's citizens and goes against the rights of our future generations to enjoy Malta's very limited open space.;
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