Food and Biodiversity

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Reports shows that environmentally-friendly farming will create more jobs and make the EU more competitive than if it grows genetically modified (GM) crops.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are already growing in fields across Europe - yet we do not know if they are safe. The companies that profit from GM crops, and even some governments, claim that our health and the environment are not at risk. Many people, however, including independent scientists, believe that not to be true. Across Europe, many consumers have rejected GM foods. Therefore many food retailers and manufacturers have pledged to source their products from GMO-free sources. Due to GMO contamination, however, it may become difficult or even impossible for conventional and organic farmers to stay GMO-free. The future of sustainable agriculture is under threat. Firm (so called "coexistence") legislation to restrict the growing of GM crops and to safeguard conventional and organic farming from genetic pollution is urgently needed, but still far away from realisation. Also a legal regime is needed to make GMO operators and GMO producers liable for damage that GMOs can cause to the environment and human health.

Friends of the Earth's GMO Campaign is working to safeguard GMO-free agriculture and to ensure that citizens have the right to choose GMO-free food. To achieve this, Friends of the Earth's national groups across Europe are working together to:
  • actively lobby at EU and national level to strengthen GMO legislation;
  • promote the creation of GMO free zones;
  • increase public awareness and participation in decision-making about GMOs, and help ensure that consumers can exercise their right to choose about GM crops and food;
  • research information and propose policy solutions.
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