With film-capturing equipment being more accessible than ever, the project aims to introduce filmmaking as a documentation and creative process to people who have any interest in filmmaking. It will also reach out to up-and-coming student filmmakers.

This project depends on the community’s active involvement to capture videos of the Islands’ environmental landscape, identity, and their interpretation of it. As well as an arts project, it is also an exercise in preserving our natural heritage, reconnecting with the environment and gaining an understanding of how different people view the environment around them.  Therefore, we will be issuing local calls to local groups/institutions working with different social demographics.

Filmmaking is a desirable skill for social groups/NGOs. Working with these groups ensures that skills will be readily taken up, passed on and applied in their own organisation’s work and network, therefore extending the reach of skill sharing and the longevity of the project.

Interested in particpating in our workshop ? Find out more here.

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