Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing our planet. Burning coal, oil and gas, but also intensive agriculture or cutting forests pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases that heat up the planet.

The good news is that all we need to save the climate is in our hands.



Friends of the Earth, Malta seeks to influence government to make changes in policies in favour of people and planet
Our next challenge is to lobby the Maltese government to commit to renewable energy and energy efficiency as a tangible means not only to meet Malta’s international emission targets but to ensure a healthier planet and a better way of life for future generations
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While much desertification is attributed to poor land use practices, hotter and drier conditions would extend the area prone to desertification northwards to encompass areas currently not at risk. In addition, the rate of desertification would increase due to increases in erosion, salinisation and fire hazard and reductions in soil quality. As a result, the process of desertification is likely to become irreversible.

The increasing temperatures attributed to climate change, are also bound to reduce the available water content in soil hence leading to increased soil salinity and alkalinity which will in turn accelerate the desertification process. This situation is exacerbated by the likely increased frequency of extreme events with heavy spells of rainfall and flash floods.

The economic and human costs of an increase in desertification would be tremendous - even today; the annual costs of desertification in Tunisia and Spain are US$100 million and US$200 million, respectively.
Nuclear power, liquid coal, agrofuels and carbon offsets are some of the solutions put forward to help abate global warming. However, upon closer inspection, these "simple" solutions actually take longer and are more harmful to the environment overall.

Agrofuels - The economic incentive to use land to grow crops for fuel, reduces food production and causes food prices to rise. There is no doubt: growing fuel instead of food aggravates world hunger.

Nuclear Energy - Friends of the Earth does not believe that nuclear power is a desirable or necessary source of generation to combat climate change.


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