Domestic Chemicals

Help us keep toxic chemicals out of our daily lives …

Pretty much anything you buy - whether it's soap or a computer, perfume or paints - will contain a mixture of substances produced in a chemical factory. Chemicals are used for all kinds of reasons such as to smell nice or to kill germs.

The uncomfortable truth is, more and more research is suggesting that some chemicals are threatening our health with a new kind of pollution that contaminates our bodies and those of our families.



FoE(Malta) has been lobbying with EU MEP’s to vote in favour of the EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) legislation and raising public awareness about the benefits of a legislation that seeks to ensure that chemicals used by industry in production are safe.
FoE is committed to keep you informed on how you can press for change and use REACH to ensure better protection from toxic chemicals for you, your family and your environment.
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