FoE PR20150826 ZonqorEventFriends of the Earth Malta together with Why Not? and Koperattiva Kummerc Ġust are jointly organizing a gathering at Żonqor Point on the 30th of August. The aim of the event is to get Maltese people closer to nature, and to enjoy Żonqor Point in its natural state.

In light of the recent announcement regarding the Jordanian development which threatens 18,000 square metres of land which is designated as ODZ, the NGOs believes that it is imperative for people to visit the area, and experience first-hand what it is that we will be losing should the project go through.

Although there is some disturbance due to human influences in some areas, the general landscape is unique and already enjoyed by regular visitors in the area.

“We hope that through this event, we will show how important nature is to the Maltese people. The role of nature is often overlooked.” said Andrew from Why Not? "Nature, heals soothes and restores the mind and body, and in today’s fast moving world, these therapeutic effects are of growing importance.

Elena Portelli from Friends of the Earth Malta made reference to the several endemic species to be found at this site. These include Malta’s national plant the Maltese rock centaury and the Maltese Salt-tree, which would undoubtedly be adversely affected by the construction process and spill-over of construction materials in the area.

The marine landscape at Żonqor point is renowned for its high aesthetic value; containing fertile reefs, and man-made wrecks (Le Polynesien and HMS) just a few kilometers offshore. Divemed, a popular diving school situated at Żonqor point will be organizing a dive in the area on Sunday so that attendees can also witness the beauty of Żonqor below sea level. Any land reclamation in the area could have serious repercussions on sensitive reefs and also areas of ecological importance on the shore.

Koperattiva Kummerc Ġust will be providing fair trade snacks and beverages to the people present. BottleGreen drinks – natural no-additive cordials - will also be available for purchase.

The NGOs invites people of all ages and walks of life to join them on Sunday after 6pm. Persons wishing to bring a BBQ are advised to apply for a permit with the Marsascala Local Council, keeping in mind that no BBQs are allowed near the salt pans. There will be a clean-up organised on Monday morning to ensure that the area is left pristine.

Photo credits for Zonqor pics attributed to: Gmiel iz-Zonqor (Facebook page).

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