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90 per cent of all donations we receive are from individuals like you.


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- will help us cover the costs of running our campaigns.
- will help pay for campaign posters, leaflets and other forms of individual action to show business and industry the strength of our voice.
- will help pay for a campaigner's time lobbying MPs and meeting with key business people.
- will help pay for research so that we can give the Government and the public the real facts. 
- could provide free legal support for people challenging planning decisions that threaten to damage the environment


89c goes directly to research and campaigning . Getting to the root of problems and identifying the best solutions. Pooling the knowledge and resources people need to take action and get results. Being the campaigners that put your concerns to key decision-makers and arguing passionately for change on your behalf.
10c helps generate more funds . Fundraising is crucial to ensure Friends of the Earth, Malta remains a free agent. We don't take money from any source that might try to influence our work. Almost every cent for our vital campaigns comes from people like you.
1c covers the costs of administration. Most of our work is carried out by volunteers keeping our administration costs down to minimum.  

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