Working to protect our environment for both people and all other living beings requires many different skills and talents. Above all it requires a passion for the planet and everyone who calls it home. Our board members and volunteers are all advocates for our planet and they bring with them a complex mix of skills and experience to help Friends of the Earth Malta achieve its mission.

Prof. Edward A. Mallia
Hon. Chairperson

After obtaining a B.Sc. degree from the University of Malta he went up to Oxford University to further his studies.

He ended up working with the university until 1983 when he came back to Malta as deputy headmaster of the Sacred Heart School. He became headmaster of Sacred Heart School a post he relinquished in 1990 when he took up a lecturing career at University. He occupied the posts of Head of Department and Dean of the Science faculty at the University of Malta, respectively.


Martin Galea De Giovanni

Martin holds a B.Sc. with honours in Environmental Studies from the Open University,  U.K. and is also qualified in Computer Science. 

He represents FoE Malta at international meetings and until recently held the post of Executive Board Member at Friends of the Earth Europe. Since joining FoE in 2000, he has been responsible for issues relating to Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate change. He also works at the International Ocean Institute at the University of Malta.  His lifelong interest in astronomy made him conscious of how precious our little planet is. 


Jason Zammit
Secretary General

Has been working for the past 16 years in the medical and food industries.

This gave rise to his believe that what surrounds us must be left for those coming after our time. His studies include Environmental and Medical Sciences and is currently undergoing Health and Safety studies.


Caroline Gatt

Graduated in anthropology in 2002, University of Malta, having carried out my undergraduate dissertation with Nature Trust Malta. I started working with FoE Malta on a ´people-up´ project called "Community Centres for Sustainable Living". Working on this project taught me a great deal about how closely related democracy and environmentalism really are, and how anthropology offers practical tools to develop our ideas. Currently, I am carrying out fieldwork with FoE Malta, FoE Brazil, and the FoEI secretariat as part of my doctoral research in anthropology, University of Aberdeen."


Alexandra Mifsud

Alexandra, has been teaching environmental education for the past 15 years. She joined FoE (Malta) in 1993 and has worked and represented the group on various campaigns including Sustainable Toursim, Packaging and PackagingWaste, Promoting Home Composting, Waste Management, Sustainable Malta.  Alexandra is a lecturer at the Centre for Environmental Education and Reseach (CEER) at the University of Malta.

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