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Friends of the Earth Malta has been active in the environmental field since 1985 under the name of Żgħażagħ għall-Ambjent and later as Moviment għall-Ambjent. The group was first set up as an umbrella organization for various youth and environmental groups, but soon developed into a committee of activists.


We are a local non-government organisation, member of an International network of NGOs, which strive to promote sustainable development and to ensure that human activities do not harm other living creatures.

Friends of the Earth Malta engages in vibrant campaigns, raises awareness, and mobilises people to participate in public decision making. FoE Malta develops creative solutions based on sound knowledge and information and promotes alternatives to environmentally harmful behaviours. The organisation lobbies, mobilises and influences the policy community towards a more just and sustainable society.


John Lennon look-a-like specs welcomed you. A Tibetan flag hung from the wall. We were young but somehow he was always the reference point. From his flat at Triq il-Kuccard, we would debate on the future. He was a rebel, and we were onlookers. He was the idealist.

Bob Dylan music greeted you in his bedroom. And rows of vinyl stood by in attention. I still have an LP I borrowed from him -  John Mayall. I love it dearly. I love it more now.

I got to know Julian Manduca back in the early eighties. We were tree huggers, he was the sort of high priest, a vegetarian too, and I tried that out - my experiment lasted six months. He was a great womaniser. I tried emulating him, but he had all the charm, I simply did not have it. He was politically super-correct. I tried to uphold that but along the years I infected idealism with compromise.

Long hours were spent together and when I had an idea that needed a realisation, I would turn to Julian. He was a protagonist, but he spurned the publicity. His sluggish Maltese was matched by his perfect English.

A beautiful world  - We depend on the planet, so let’s keep it in good shape.
A good life - A healthy planet is one that works for people too.
A positive relationship with the environment  - Acting together for the planet and everyone who lives on it.




In Memory of Julian Manduca (1958 - 2005)

Earth is a little sadder today for the loss of one of its most dedicated, wise and knowledgeable spokespeople. Friends of the Earth Malta deeply mourns the sudden loss of its leader, colleague, and friend Julian Manduca who had put it many hours of volunteer time during his many years at FoE Malta to help protect Malta's environment. Our sympathies are with his family, and we extend sincere condolences at this sad time. The volunteers of FoE Malta will carry on his good efforts to protect our land, air, and water as best we can without his loyal leadership, but we will miss him dearly. May his legacy live on.


 Working to protect our environment for both people and all other living beings requires many different skills and talents. Above all it requires a passion for the planet and everyone who calls it home. Our board members and volunteers are all advocates for our planet and they bring with them a complex mix of skills and experience to help Friends of the Earth Malta achieve its mission.

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