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Zero Waste Christmas

December 12, 2019






We are hosting a Zero Waste Christmas workshop at Friends of the Earth the 12th of December. Make your Christmas greener by created everything you need.

THE WORKSHOP WILL START AT 18:00 to 21:00 at Friends of the Earth Malta. FREE ENTRANCE.

The idea is to make everything you need for your this festive day through 4 different activities:

  • 👕Clothes swap 👗
    Sometimes we are a bit bored with what’s in our wardrobe, or clothes we used to wear do not fit us anymore. The best remedy to this situation is to SWAP THOSE CLOTHES! We will be hosting a clothes swap. Get a maximum of 5 items with you (like t-shirt, sweater, trousers, dresses, bags, hat…). You will get a token per item you get with you, which will allow you to swap with any other item brought by other people to our swap shop 💛Make sure they are in good conditions (i.e. no stains, no holes, and that are pretty enough for others to wear them and give them a new home). Make sure items are washed as well. But please don’t bring your dirty underwear 😂 The clothes swap is not only for female clothes!

For the following activities we will provide you some items but please, bring your own if you have when it’s mentioned.

  • 💫 Upcycling 💫 Magically transforming trash to treasure! We will be making:
    • an amazing wallet with milk and juice cartons. To bring: 1 to 3 cartons (juice or milk cartons).
    • Wooden planters. To bring: seeds.
    • Pallet wood Christmas tree.
    • Christmas decorations and ornamental items. To bring: string, tree branch or decorations you already have and don’t want anymore to upcycle them.
    • Drawstring bags for veggie or Christmas bags. To bring: old fabrics.


  • 🏠 Home Products & Cosmetics 💄
    We can create a lot of household cleaning and decorative items as well as beauty products out of common material. We are planning to do the following (time permitting!)


    • Body sponge. To bring: old t-shirt with long sleeves or long socks.
    • Lip balm. To bring: small containers.
    • Body and face scrub. To bring: 1 to 3 jars, sugar, olive oil, coconut oil and lemon.
    • Make your home cleaner.
    • Candles. To bring: wick and beewax.
    • Beewax wrap. To bring: beewax and cotton fabric.


  • 🎁Christmas wrapping:
    • With Furoshiki method. For this workshop we need cotton fabric (like kitchen towels or old t-shirts) or silk scarves, and some decorations. Be creative!
    • With the Christmas bags you created at the upcycling workshop.


☕🍪We will have FREE tea, coffees. Wine and beers by donation. Get some snacks and things to share!

More info coming soon!